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Creating experiments

Experiments are a set of metrics that correspond to users being shown different feature sets that you would like to track over time.

1. Navigate to Experiments in the left-hand menu and click +Experiment

Create experiment

2. Fill out the Create Experiment Form

Fill experiment form

Give your experiment a name and hypothesis.

3. Click the Configure the Experiment button

Configure experiment

4. Select the date range for your experiment.

Select dates

You can also choose to set a metric event analysis period that is different from your assignment period. This is useful if you want to analyze the impact of an experiment on long-term metrics.

5. Select an assignment SQL from the definitions you created

Choose assignment SQL

If you are pre-assigning subjects before they are actually exposed to a variant, you may want to take advantage of the Filter assignments by entry point checkbox. This will include only those subjects that appear in an entry point with an entry time after their assignment time.

6. Input feature flag name

When you created your assignment SQL, you should have made note of your feature flag name. In our case it's new_user_onboarding.

Configure experiment

7. Input what percentage of traffic you want randomized into the experiment.

If you input 100%, 100% of the relevant entities (users in this case) will be included in the experiment.

Percent Traffic

8. Add the variants

Add variants

When you created your assignment SQL, you should have made note of your variant names. In our case here it's control and variant.

You can go ahead and add each variant into the experiment here.

9. Select the traffic allocation you would like

The default is an even split between all the variants (including control), but you can also customize the allocation for unequal splits.

10. [Optional] The Statistical Analysis Plan

If you want to set custom statistical methodologies for this experiment, uncheck the "use company default" checkbox next to the applicable fields. Otherwise, you can stay opted in to using the defaults set by your company. For information on the different analysis plan settings, see Analysis plans.

Experiment Analysis Plan Settings

  1. Click Save Changes