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Experiment assignment

Assigning subjects with Eppo

Our SDKs assign subjects to variations according to the experiment traffic allocations you set in Eppo's user interface. You can dial up an experiment's traffic exposure over time and limit who is exposed to the experiment using fine grained targeting rules. If the traffic exposure is increased, the SDK never reassigns subjects who were previously assigned. Our SDKs also enable you to test an experiment before launch via allow-list overrides on each variant.

To get started with the Eppo's SDKs for experiment assignment, refer to our SDK guide on experiment assignment.

Choosing an SDK

Eppo has two types of SDKs: client SDKs and server SDKs. Which type of SDK you choose depends on the environment your application runs in. Client SDKs are intended for applications that run on end-user devices such as web browsers or mobile phones. Server SDKs are meant for use by a web server that may serve multiple user requests at a time. See the below links for more details on each type of SDK:

Integrating Eppo with an internal or third-party feature flagging system

Eppo is modular, meaning that if you already have an experiment assignment system in place you can use Eppo only for experiment analysis. To configure this, see the integrations page.