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Audit log

Each Eppo feature flag comes with a historical log that documents all updates made to that flag:

Audit log

Eppo logs the following updates:

  • Flag creation
  • Variation creation and deletion
  • Flag name change
  • Change in flag state (on or off) by environment
  • Allocation creation or deletion by environment
  • Allocation reordering by environment
  • Allocation update by environment
  • Default value change by environment
  • Flag archival

Knowing who changed what is useful both for governance and accounting for any unexpected behavior in your application.

Restore old versions


Restore functionality is currently in closed Beta

The audit log also provides restore version functionality. When inspecting a previous version, you can easily see what changes will be made by restoring this version. Click on the Restore button to make the change.

Compare version and restore

Restore functionality is only available to users who have edit rights to the Feature Flag.