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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is the central repository for experimentation learnings. It contains all experiments with a concluded status that did not have a misconfiguration. Because the content is based on experiment reports built in Eppo, they are forever indexed and available to future teams for meta-analysis. For teams using Eppo, the Knowledge Base can help find past learnings and generate new insights for future experiments.

Eppo Knowledge Base

Key features

The experiment card

Each experiment is represented by a card. It features the experiment, name, dates, Team owner, decision, primary metric impact, and key takeaways. It also features an image of the variant tested or a key Explore chart, based on what is available.

Each experiment card shows how many unique users in Eppo have viewed the experiment and allow you to easy copy and share the link to a given experiment. Experiments can also be starred so they can be easily recalled later.

Experiment card

Search, sort, and filter

The Knowledge Base features a number of options to find the content you're looking for:

  • Search will look for text matches across experiment names, hypotheses, and key takeaways
  • Filters are available for the timeframe the experiment ran, entity, Team owner, Creator, Outcome, Decision, Primary metric, and stars.
  • Experiments can be sorted by date, metric lift, and view count.