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Server SDKs

Eppo's server-side SDKs may be used to implement flags and run experiments in your application server code. The below diagram shows the interactions of the SDK with Eppo's server:

  1. Initialization: The SDK is designed to be initialized once when your application server starts up. Upon initialization, the SDK begins polling Eppo's API at regular intervals (not configurable) to retrieve flag/experiment configurations. The flag/experiment configurations such as variations and traffic allocation are stored in memory for quick lookup during assignment.

  2. Assignment: The application server code invokes the SDK to assign a subject (e.g. user ID) to an experiment variation.

  3. Logging (Experiments only): The SDK logs assignment events to whichever event tracking system you use (for example Segment) using a callback function you provide on SDK initialization. The assignment data includes information about the assigned variation and subject.


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