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Datadog integration


This guide will walk through how to send Eppo feature flag assignments as RUM data to Datadog. This functionality enhances your ability to monitor user experience and performance by enabling you to identify which users are exposed to a particular feature and assess whether any introduced change impacts the user experience or degrades performance

Enhancing your real-user monitoring data with feature flag information allows you to verify that new features are launched smoothly, without inadvertently introducing bugs or performance regressions. This added level of visibility enables you to establish connections between feature releases and performance metrics, rapidly identify issues tied to specific releases, and expedite troubleshooting efforts.


This example assumes there is a feature flag set up in Eppo and the Datadog RUM SDK set up.


Initialize Eppo's SDK and create an assignment logger that additionally reports feature flag evaluations to Datadog using the snippet of code shown below.

For more information about initializing Eppo's SDK, see Eppo's JavaScript SDK documentation

const assignmentLogger: IAssignmentLogger = {
logAssignment(assignment) {
datadogRum.addFeatureFlagEvaluation(assignment.featureFlag, assignment.variation);

await eppoInit({
apiKey: "<API_KEY>",

For more information, read Datadog's Getting Started with Feature Flag Data in RUM documentation.

You can install Eppo's Datadog integration here