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Migrating to a New Data Warehouse

If you're planning to transition to a new data warehouse, Eppo simplifies this process for you. We assist in creating a new Workspace that seamlessly connects to your new data warehouse, ensuring a smooth transition.

Key Features of Eppo's Migration Assistance:

  • New Workspace Setup: Eppo sets up a new Workspace tailored to connect with your new data warehouse.
  • Data Synchronization: We help in syncing all Facts and Metrics from your existing workspace to the new one.
  • Continuous Access: While Experiments cannot be migrated, you'll retain access to your old workspace for ongoing reference to past results.

Migration Steps:

  1. Create a New Workspace:
    • Contact Eppo support to initiate the creation of your new Workspace.
  2. Connect Your New Data Warehouse:
  3. Export Facts & Metrics from Your Old Workspace:
    • Reach out to Eppo support to facilitate the export of your existing Facts and Metrics in YML format.
  4. Import Facts & Metrics into Your New Workspace:
    • Sync the exported YML files into your new workspace using Eppo’s Certified Metrics API.
    • Important: Ensure the SQL in the YML files aligns with the syntax requirements of your new warehouse vendor.