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Entity Property SQL

When you write an Assignment SQL, you can optionally include any properties that you want to be able to slice/dice the analysis by.

FROM mydb.myschema.assignments

In this example Assignment SQL, at the time of assignment, we logged the browser and device_type of the user. We included it in the Assignment SQL so that later on we can look at how metrics perform across different browsers and devices.

Properties can be any categorical data that lives in your data warehouse. Other potential examples include UTM parameters (source, medium, campaign), or geolocation.

Create an Entity Property SQL

If you include optional properties in your Assignment SQL, it will show up under Definitions > Properties


You can also create an Entity Property SQL separately:

  1. Go to Definitions > Create Definition > Entity Property SQL

  2. Select the Entity your Property will be attached to

In this case we select User

  1. Write SQL that fetches the properties you want for your user

Write SQL Properties

  1. Annotate the columns of the data that comes back

Annotate SQL Properties

The required columns in order for Eppo to recognize the data are:

  • Entity Id -- in this case, USER_ID
  • Timestamp -- in this case, CREATED_AT
  1. Add optional properties

Add optional properties

Add any properties you would later like to slice by here; in the example above, we are adding the User Persona property.

  1. Click Save & Close