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Entities are the subjects (aka randomization unit) of your experiments. For example, if you are a food delivery app, and you want to run experiments on Restaurants, Customers, and Drivers, you would have a restaurant entity, a customer entity, and a driver entity. Eppo creates a user entity by default, but you can add additional entities or edit the name of user if necessary.

Assignment, Property, and Fact SQL's can be attached to entities -- for example, an assignment SQL attached to a user would pull the assignments of users into different experiment groups.

Creating a custom Entity

To create a custom Entity, navigate to Definitions in the left menu bar from the Eppo homepage, then click Manage Entities.

Manage Entities

A modal should pop up showing all the existing entities and their attached SQL's. Click + Create Entity to create a new entity.

Create Entities

In the example above, we created a new entity called Company

Click Confirm and then Save Changes.